Wednesday, October 5, 2011

End of the world, atheism and others

Everything is governed by a simple law: nothing is immutable! Everything goes in a fundamental process: inception -> infancy -> adolescence -> maturity, and -> decomposition. And there’s no exemption to that—even god himself, if there is really a god, and our belief on it. The only difference is that there are things that goes in a more lengthy and more gradual process almost unnoticeable.

Now here comes again the news about the end of the world. Actually it is no longer a news. The only flaw about the word is the evident conviction that it would be taking place in the very soonest time. Of course, they have facts about it. Facts, most of the times, can be true but they don’t automatically constitute truth. Facts, no matter how true, can even be used to twist the truth. A man holding a bloody knife over a bloody dead body is a fact. But does it mean he is the one who killed that dead one?

Now, what’s my problem about these people spreading this heck about the end of the world? First of all, I have nothing against the content of the news, I have nothing against the news and I have nothing against the ones who are spreading the news. (Whether we like it or not, the world will really come to its end—nothing is immutable!). The only thing I want to deal with here is our reaction. And, again, I have nothing against the others’ reactions. It’s their opinion that deserves utmost respect (and whether they believe themselves or not is another matter), I just want to present mine—in an atheist and materialist point of view.

Who fears the end of the world? Of course, everyone will say “I don’t”. But are we comfortable to our answer to that question? That is where the difference between real atheists and believers lies. Believers coddle a lot of expectations and wish and want them to happen when the world ends: reincarnation; resurrection; a fantastic place where you would do nothing for the rest of your life(?) other than sitting around and praising a god, the king of all kings (sigh); a place where milk and honey flows freely; a place where you wouldn’t smack your goddamn face and your goddamn ass to live and what not.

Back to the question “who fears the end of the world”. Believers would smartly say they don’t. But they have a lot of explaining to do. A friend of mine who believes she is a christian and who, like those birds which feathers as the same as hers, has an implied declaration that christians are only those who believes and praises god like they do which gives the Roman Catholic church every reason to beat their ass, told me (apparently to convince me with her beliefs) that when she became a real christian, she has lost all of her worries and fears because she knows that god is always on her side. But mind you, they bought and still buying a lot of locks and sturdy door knobs and they can’t sleep well without making sure every doors and windows are closed and locked—let alone without praying. And it made me laugh that when the news about that recent Japan tsunami will also hit the Philippines, specially Eastern Visayas, she had her face as white as a cloth which was bleached in a naive manner (It’s now your obligation to figure out how did it look like). It did’t surprise me though. Whether or not christians would agree with me, they are the most uneasy creatures each time the news about the end of the world crawls in to their recollection and imagination. Proof? THEY CAN’T SLEEP AND DO WHATEVER THEY WANT WITHOUT PRAYING. And certainly, watching the movie 2012 makes them shiver like an ice is hanged on their balls.

How then the atheists—real atheists for that matter—react to this? Atheists believe that everything has a beginning and an end and the only thing we can do is either to delay or give impetus to the process. The world can end in a timely and untimely manner where humans’ irresponsibility is unquestionably accountable to the latter. The only atheists who could fear the world is finally tumbling down are those with egos to protect. “What the hell! The world is ending but I haven’t prove them yet I am the jack of all trade.” which gives me so much doubt on their atheism.

Atheists believe that every simple thing is a series of complexities and complications are caused by dealing with things with utmost stupidity. Atheists are scientists who has a lot of questions to answer and things to discover, a lot of revealing of the cause and effect of every significant event. But they are not in a hurry to answer everything. They deal with things in a what-comes-first basis, the immediate problem at hand, the key problem, and the problem with crucial significance. They deal with things in a systemic and systematic manner. Atheists are the most secure creatures in this world ’cause they don’t justify the naturals with supernaturals. The world is ending in a timely manner? Ok, no problem. By all means, let it does. But if I discover our finger prints abound on its premature demise, I’m gonna prick them asses with hot steel!

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